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Considering purchasing your rug from one of Vancouver's best Persian rug stores? We sell high-quality, handmade, and authentic Persian Rugs at Best Rugs Gallery. The simplicity and elegance of Persian rugs enhance the personality of your living room and reflects a sublime living preference. Persian rugs are not cheap, of course, but they can be a worthwhile investment. In particular, high-quality Persian rugs can last for centuries if they are well cared for.

3 Leading Reasons Your Persian Rugs Get Damaged

Direct Sunlight:

Persian Rug Store Vancouver

The power of direct sunlight is inevitable, making it important that you don’t keep your authentic Persian rug in direct sunlight. UV rays are incredibly powerful and over time, they’ll act as bleach on the colours of your beautiful rug. The problem is particularly acute if only a section of the rug is directly exposed during the day to sunlight. You will find in no time that your half looks diluted while the other half is deeply rich. And once gone, the fading colours will not be restored to a certain amount of washing. When gone, no amount of rug cleaning would be able to restore the fading colours. 

Infrequent Dusting & Vacuuming: 

Dust from the great outdoors gradually makes its way through all of these homes and eventually settles into the threads of your Persian rugs. 


Your taste in authentic Persian rugs reflects your living style. Persian rugs are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These stunning rugs are not purchased to be hung on the wall, but rather to be placed on the floor. Persian rugs not only look fantastic, but they also feel great under the feet. As a result, they normally end up in high-traffic areas such as the foyer, living room, and possibly the dining room. However, if you really want your expensive rug to last, you should position it where foot traffic is at a minimum. 

Tips to Maintain a Persian Rug

Persian Rug Store Vancouver

Persian rugs bring a distinct aesthetic to every home, but they also necessitate special care. 

  1. Regular Vacuuming
  2. Blocking Direct Sunlight 
  3. Spot Cleaning 

Stay tuned with the best rugs gallery, next week we will share more tips to protect and preserve your expensive Persian rug. If you’re unsure of which rug will fit your home’s interior decor and your family’s overall lifestyle, Mehdi at Persian Rugs Gallery would be more than happy to assist you with his decades of experience and passion for the industry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and visit our showroom.

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