Rug Repair and Restoration

Best Rugs Gallery offers a wide range of services for all the rugs in your home. With many years experience in dealing with often very valuable rugs, Mr Mehdi considers the repair, restoration as well as maintenance of these woven pieces of art to be of the utmost importance.

Repair & Restoration

At Best Rugs Gallery, we take pride in the restoration and repair of rugs. We understand the delicate nature of these products and have been working with the materials for years. Our highly trained staff will take the utmost care of your rug, and return it to you looking and feeling brand new. It is important to maintain the quality by resolving any issues immediately. By doing this you are ensuring the longevity of the life of your rug. We treat many repairs, such as fringe damage, hale, animal stains, edging, navar stitching, bleeding colours, and moth damage. We guarantee a 90% colour match minimum, with 100% pattern match. Bring your rug to Best Rugs Gallery today for a free estimate!

Repair Types

Fringe Repair
Fringe can be attached with a few methods. Machine fringing includes sewing the carpet ends to edges. Hand fringing is the process of individual threads sewn into the carpet ends. 
Hole Repair
Any compromised areas will be piled with the coordinating colour and material. We can guarantee a 90% colour match minimum. We will 100% match to the existing design.
Animal Damage

There are many causes of damage from our pets. If it is a stain or physical damage, we are here to resolve the issue.


We can restore the dye lost in areas of your rug that have been compromised due to spills, natural causes, etc. 
Edge Repair 

Edging is typically repaired by hand with an overcast stitch. 


Back Edge Leather Stitching
 We add, or re stitch leather binding on the back of the rug which helps to keep the rug straight and in excellent condition
Bleeding Colours

It is important to deal with bleeding dyes as quickly as possible. If left too long, some damage is irreversible. 


Moth Damage

Our repair team will re pile areas of damage with colour matched wool to match the existing design.



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