Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

Best Rugs Gallery offers a wide range of services for all the rugs in your home. With many years experience in dealing with often very valuable rugs, Mr Mehdi considers the repair, restoration as well as maintenance of these woven pieces of art to be of the utmost importance.


Cleaning & Maintenance



At Best Rugs Gallery we offer a wide range of cleaning & maintenance options. We wash all rugs by hand to ensure the quality of your investment is maintained. The process begins with dust and dirt removal. By removing the dust and dirt particles on the surface allows us to get a deeper and thorough clean. We then use a special shampoo process with all natural products specifically made for these materials. Once this step is completed, the rug must be rinsed, pressed, and hung to dry. With many years of experience we have mastered the cleaning process, and promise to bring your rug back to life!


Cleaning procedures will be completed within 7-10 business days from the date of pick up or drop off. 
Standard & Wool         $2.80/sqft
Silk & Fine                   $4.00/sqft
*Minimum of $25
*Size limit of 10’x13’ - Please call with information for anything oversized


We offer free pickup and delivery in the downtown area. Surrounding areas have a minimum charge of $75.





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