Persian Rugs- A Symbol Of Artistic Magnificence

A pinnacle of artistic magnificence, Persian rugs roots date back 2500 years. Over the centuries of imagination and genius, Iranians were among the most skilled in rug materials of ancient culture. Fathers have passed down to their sons the ability to create tapestries, who have built on these abilities and turned them into a near family secret for their offspring. A guide to the cultural development of one of the largest civilizations in the world is to trace the origin of Persian rugs

Magnificent Origin 

Persian Rugs Vancouver

The longest known rugs in the Pazyryk Valley on the Altai Mountains of Siberia were discovered in 1949 by Russian archeologists. The pazyryk carpet dates back to the 5th century BC and is a fine example of the aptitudes that have existed and been refined over the centuries.

Chasing History

Carpet weaving is by far the most famous handicraft in Iran nowadays. Persian rugs are renowned for their fabric richness, variety of dazzling artistic designs, and design reliability. A Persian rugs is a prized possession in palaces, famous residences, mansions, and museums all over the world.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rug Vs Oriental Rug 

The fear of authenticity is most frightening in terms of quality, longevity, and getting the carpet you deserve. Can you tell the difference between a Persian rugs and an oriental rug? All Persian rugs are Persian Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs. A rug made in any of the "Oriental" countries other than Iran is known as an Oriental rug. Prior to the spread of the Persian practice, a rug made in Persia was frequently thought to be superior to any other rug crafted in the Orient.

Why Best Rugs Gallery 


Persian Rugs Vancouver



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