4 Reasons To Shop At The Best Rugs Store In Vancouver

It is a widely common story of being ripped off while purchasing a rug. You may have bought an “antique Persian rug” only to later find out it was a mass-produced faux piece. Perhaps you purchased a silk rug, only to discover soon after your purchase that it was made from viscose or mercerized cotton. One of the key elements in avoiding this mistake, is to educate yourself on how to spot an authentic Persian or Oriental rug.


At Best Rugs Gallery, we sell high-quality, hand-made and truly authentic Persian Rugs. 

1. Look at our history: 

The understanding and appreciation of the workmanship of Mehdi is separating our rugs from others. As you know , Mehdi began his endeavours by selling many hand woven rugs to European countries, before making his move to Canada in 1997. Then begins the chapter of Best Rugs Gallery. it's been 23 years we are operating in Canada with 100 percent customer satisfaction. 


2. Variety of Rugs

While you continue on your search for the best rugs store in Vancouver, it is critical to determine what rug material is best for your room. It's crucial to think about how a room will be used, how much traffic it will get, and how much coziness you like.

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For our clients, Best Rugs Gallery is always looking to bring in the newest and most diverse collection of handmade and machine-made rugs! With all of the new rugs we're bringing in, we'll need to find new homes for some of them!


3. Quality speaks for itself: 

Best Rugs Gallery was founded in the charming Kitsilano neighbourhood, where it features beautiful handwoven pieces hand-selected by Mehdi. There are several reasons why this is currently the best rugs store in Vancouver. Our journey continues to take steps forward with the goal of having a product for everyone who walks through the door.


4. Sustainable Rugs

Persian rug making is a very traditional method that dates back to the fifth century B.C. These works of art were produced without the use of synthetic dyes or heavy machinery. Wool, cotton, and silk are natural fabrics sourced from local farms. Natural dyes are made from natural elements, and natural fibers are colored by dipping them in the dyes. The longer they are dipped in a dye, the more vibrant the color becomes. Natural dyes are costly to obtain, but they last a long time. Purchasing a Persian rug will minimize your carbon footprint because it is made in a sustainable manner and will last for several years.